Osteoporosis & Fragility Fracture Studies & Interventions

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Hip Fractures - American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Changes in functional status attributable to hip fracture: a comparison of hip fracture patients to community-dwelling aged. J Magaziner; L Fredman; W Hawkes; et al. American Journal of Epidemiology. 2003 Jun 1;157(11):1023-31.

Women with hip fracture have a greater rate of decline in bone mineral density than expected: another significant consequence of a common geriatric problem. J. Magaziner; L Wehren; W Hawkes; et al. Osteoporosis International.2006;17(7):971-7.

The Exercise Plus Program for older women post hip fracture: participant perspectives. B Resnick; D Orwig; L Wehren; et al. Gerontologist. 2005 Aug;45(4):539-44.

Acute Management and Immediate Rehabilitation after a Hip Fracture amongst People Aged 65 Years and Over - New Zealand Guidelines Group

Testing of the SEE and OEE post hip fracture. B Resnick; D Orwig; S Zimmerman; et al. Western Journal of Nursing Research.2006 Aug;28(5):586-601.

Estimating the Costs of Hip Fracture Treatment to Medicare in 2007, Mary L. Forte, DC, RN

Rehabilitation Therapy Self-Efficacy and Functional Recovery after Hip Fracture. RH Fortinsky; RW Bohannon; MD Litt; et al. 2002 Sep;25(3):241-6.

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