Patient Education Resources

Own the Bone offers several resources to help healthcare providers educate their patients about osteoporosis including videos and website links. The more patients understand their disease, the more they'll be able to help safeguard their own health.

  • Find out the facts about osteoporosis by watching a short video.
  • Videos feature patients who describe how living with osteoporosis has affected their lives. View patient story videos.
  • Own the Bone was featured in "Fractured: A Special Report on Osteoporosis" in the July 2011 issue of Good Housekeeping.  The article featured information about Osteoporosis treatment and management, and included quotes from Own the Bone Steering Committee Members Andrew Bunta, MD and Beatrice Edwards, MD. For more information, please visit
  • American Bone Health (ABH) has developed a tool called FORE Fracture Risk Calculator© for patients to assess their bone health and future fracture risk. This calculator uses multiple standard risk factors such as smoking, family history, and medical conditions to calculate a 10-year fracture risk. The calculator produces two numbers: the 10-year risk of having a hip fracture and the 10-year risk of having any one of four fractures (hip, wrist, shoulder, and spine). This information is then presented in a graph showing the patient's risk compared to the expected risk, which can be printed along with a question sheet to bring to their next doctor's visit.