Press Room

    The American Orthopaedic Association is comprised of a Community of Leaders who together confront issues facing the specialty. Membership is gained through a highly selective process. The AOA does not make physician referrals nor does it offer advice or comment on specific patient cases.

    The AOA and the Press
    Typically, the AOA does not comment publicly on clinical issues. The AOA does comment publicly on high-level orthopaedic issues, specifically if the topic has been addressed in a recent symposium.

    Founded in 1887, The American Orthopaedic Association is the oldest and most distinguished orthopaedic association in the world.

    Examples of stories the AOA does comment on are:

    • The AOA's Own the Bone quality improvement program
    • Effects of the aging baby boomer on the medical field
    • Effective management of an orthopaedic department
    • Academic education issues - 80 hour work week

    Examples of stories the AOA does NOT comment on are:

    • High heels as it relates to back pain
    • Knee replacement techniques
    • Individual studies

    If you are uncertain if your story would be considered for AOA comment, please contact AOA Headquarters at or 847-318-7350.