Program Partnerships

Own the Bone values its various program partnerships and their important contributions. 

Own the Bone® Educational Alliance

The Own the Bone Educational Alliance allows for and recognizes organizations who desire to make a significant impact to physician and patient education in conjunction with Own the Bone. This impact can be made in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, financial and educational support for Own the Bone and significant educational initiatives conducted in concert with the Own the Bone program.

The Own the Bone Educational Alliance:

  • Is non-commercial and exists to conduct and produce general (not product specific) educational activities.
  • Does not endorse any products, treatments, companies, or organizations.

Own the Bone® Organizational Alliance

AOA welcomes involvement from Not-for-Profit organizations as Own the Bone Organizational Alliance members and program supporters.  Not-for-Profit organizations wishing to participate as a member of the Organizational Alliance contribute in-kind resources to educational or communication initiatives tied to Own the Bone's central mission of identifying, evaluating and treating patients with osteoporotic-related fragility fractures.