Frequently Asked Questions:

Registry 2.0

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Why is the Own the Bone program changing platforms?

The Own the Bone program is launching a new platform to better meet the needs of its user sites. The improvements introduced with the web-based REDCap Cloud platform include a data import tool, flexible analytics, a mobile app, site monitoring capabilities, and patient panel management.

Will the new REDCap Cloud registry have all of the same capabilities as the current Clinipace one?

Yes, the registry will offer the same capabilities. Users will be able to enter patient enrollment and follow-up data, generate customized letters, and run reports.

Will my institution’s existing data be available in the REDCap Cloud system?

All of your institution’s data will be transitioned to the new system.

As an Own the Bone site coordinator, what do I need to do to be prepared?

Enrolled institutions will receive regular communication leading up to the transition. Site coordinators will receive specific directions on how to prepare for the change closer to the new registry’s launch.

Will my institution need to sign a new PSA?

There is no need to sign a PSA in order to continue to participate in the Own the Bone program using the new registry. Some institutions may need additional assistance to review the data security policies of the REDCap Cloud platform. Please notify us if you believe you will need to update your security assessment, and we will assist with that process.

Will my institution need to complete a security assessment form?

Some sites may have completed, or will now need to complete, a security assessment that collected information regarding the technology, devices, data flow, and overall security of our current registry host, Clinipace. Given the program’s transition to REDCap Cloud, we understand if you may need to complete a new one based on your institution’s policies. If you believe that to be the case please reach out to Program Coordinator, Megha Mathur at or 847-318-7336 with the appropriate forms and we will work with you to complete.

When will the registry transition take place?

The REDCap Cloud registry is scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Will there be training?

Yes, live training sessions took place in late August and early September, and additional office hours will be conducted by Own the Bone staff in late October and early November. In preparation for the transition, on-demand video trainings were made available on the Own the Bone website beginning August 19, and are currently available for viewing. A schedule of registry training sessions can be found here.


How will my institution be recognized as a Star Performer?

Your institution will be recognized as a 2020 Star Performer based on entry into the current Clinipace registry through June 30, 2019. Patients entered after July 1st in the Clinipace system will be transferred to the new registry platform with all other data, and used to generate your 2021 Star Performer status (to be determined based on data entry through June 30, 2020).

Who do I contact with questions?

The Own the Bone program will be communicating additional information to all users during the registry transition. Own the Bone users seeking more information about the registry transition may also contact Program Coordinator, Megha Mathur, at or 847-318-7336.