Own the Bone Registry 2.0 Launch 

The new Own the Bone REDCap Cloud registry is launching.  

All Own the Bone registry users should have received an email notification on the morning of Thursday, October 31st, prompting them to establish a password for their new account on REDCap Cloud.  If you did not receive an account notification email, please contact ownthebone@aoassn.org.

On-demand videos are available to introduce users to the new platform.  Site users who would like additional assistance can contact ownthebone@aoassn.org to arrange for training.  Staff will also hold additional open office hours for users who have specific questions in preparation for the launch of the new registry.  See our FAQs “Will there be training?” for more details.

Need more information?  Contact ownthebone@aoassn.org, or call 847-318-7336.