AANS Annual Scientific Meeting 2017: You Are Never Too Old for Surgery: Spine Management in an Aging Population
(April 23, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA)
Speakers: Paul A. Anderson, MD, FAOA


NASS 31st Annual Meeting: Own the Bone®: Establishing a Fragility Fracture Service and Preventing the Next Vertebral Fracture
(October 26, 2016 - Boston, MA)
Speakers: Christopher M. Bono, MD; Kyle J. Jeray; Joseph M. Lane, MD

Wisconsin Orthopaedic Society 2016 Update: Secondary Fracture Prevention Program
(October 14, 2016 - Madison, WI) 
Speakers: Paul Anderson, MD; Neil Binkley, MD; Robert Blank; Karen Cummings, PA, Felicia Cosman, MD; Jim Goulet, MD; Jon Henry, MD

PAOS 17th  Annual Conference: Post Fracture Management and AOA’s Own the Bone Program
(August 25, 2016 - Scottsdale, AZ)
Speakers: Karen Cummings, PA; Clifford Jones, MD; Dan Coll, PA-C; Dagen Cloutier, PA

Spine Intervention Society’s 24th Annual Scientific Meeting: Own the Bone
(July 29, 2016 - New Orleans, LA)
Speakers: Paul Anderson, MD; Kyle J. Jeray, MD; Douglas Beale, MD

NAON 36th Annual Congress: Improving Patient Centered Geriatric Fracture Care
(May 22, 2016 - Orlando, FL) 
Speakers: Debra Siestsema, PhD, RN and Stephen Kates, MD

AAOS/OTA/AOA Fragility Fractures Course: Establishing a Liaison Service and Treating Patients at Risk
(April 16, 2016 - Rosemont, IL)
Speakers: Joseph M Lane, MD; Julie A Switzer, MD; Susan V Bukata, MD; Veronica Carson, DNP, GNP-BC; Patricia Donohue, ACNP-BC, ONP-C; Kirsten Grueter, RN; Kyle J Jeray, MD; Stephen L Kates, MD; Anne F Lake, DNP, ONP-C, FNP-C, CCD, Anna N Miller, MD; Debra Sietsema, PhD, RN; Michael Suk, MD 

Spine Summit 2016: 32nd Annual Meeting of the CNS/AANS Section on Disorders of the Spine and Peripheral Nerves:“Own the Bone”:  The Spine Practitioner Taking Ownership of the Bone
(March 8, 2016 - Orlando, FL)
Speakers: Paul Anderson, MD; Justin Smith, MD; Christopher Ames, MD; Kyle J. Jeray, MD; Tylerk Koski, MD; David Polly, MD

AAOS 2016 Annual Meeting: Controversies in Geriatric Orthopaedic Care in the Elderly
(March 2, 2016 - Orlando, FL)
Speakers: Kyle J. Jeray, MD; Julie A. Switzer, MD; Stephen L. Kates, MD


2015 Chicago Trauma Symposium: Osteoprosis – “Own the Bone” – AOA Strategies
(September 12, 2015 - Chicago, IL)
Speaker: James A. Goulet, MD

PAOS 16th Annual Conference: Comprehensive Post-Fracture Management and AOA’s Own the Bone Program
(August 20, 2015 - Chicago, IL)
Speakers: Douglas R. Dirschl, MD; Karen Cummings, PA; Ankit Shah, PT 

NAON 35th Annual Congress: Nuts, Bolts, and Rx of Osteoporotic Fracture  
(May 17, 2015 - Nashville, TN)
Speakers: Debra L. Sietsema, PhD, RN; Douglas W. Lundyy, MD, MBA

 33rd Mid-American Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting: Bone Health and Fragility Fractures: How Can Something So Simple Be So Difficult?
(April 23, 2015 - Hilton Head, NC) -Speaker: Douglas R. Dirschl, MD

Michigan Orthopaedic Society 2015 Annual Orthopaedic Trauma Meeting: University of Michigan Fragility Clinic: Establishing a Foothold 
(April 17, 2015, Plymouth, MI)
Speaker: Karen Cummings, PA-C

34th Cherry Blossom Seminar: "Own the Bone": The Management of Osteoporosis  
(April 11, 2015, Rosslyn, VA)
Speaker: Laura Tosi, MD


North American Spine Society 2014 Annual Meeting:  "Own the Bone": The Spine Practitioner Taking Ownership of the Bone 
(November 14, 2014, San Fransisco, CA)
Speakers: Paul A. Anderson, MD; Joe Lane, MD; Charles Reitman, MD; Robert Hart, MD; Serena Hu, MD 

Eastern Orthopaedic Association 2014 Annual Meeting: AOA Report on Own the Bone  
(October 24. 2014, Amelia Island, FL) 
Speaker: Brian Galinat, MD

PAOS 15th Annual Conference: Atypical Fractures & Bisphosponates
(October 1, 2014, Orlando, FL)
Speaker: Karen Cummings, PA

16th Annual Chicago Trauma Symposium: Osteoporosis - "Own the Bone" -  AOA Strategies
(September 4, 2014, Chicago, IL
Speaker: Andrew D. Bunta, MD

NAON 34th Annual Congress: Coordinating a Bone Health Program: Also Known as Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) Using Own the Bone 
(May 18, 2014, Las Vegas, NV
Speakers: Debra Sietsema, PhD, RN; Kyle Jeray, MD

ACR State of the Art 2014: Pipeline Osteoporosis Therapies & Difficult Osteoporosis Management
(April 26, 2014, Chicago, IL)
Speaker: Beatrice J Edwards, MD

 NOF Interdisciplinary Symposium on Osteoporosis 2014
(April 24-25, 2014, New Orleans, LA)
 Addressing Clinical Challenges: FLS Programs and System Challenges
Speaker: Douglas R. Dirschl, MD
-FLS Team Based Care
Speakers: Clifford B. Jones, MD; Debra Sietsema, PhD, RN

33rd Cherry Blossom Seminar: "Own the Bone":  The Management of Osteoporosis
(April 4, 2014, Rosslyn, VA)
Speaker: Laura Tossi, MD

Michigan Orthopaedic Society 2014 Annual Orthopaedic Trauma Meeting: Univ. of Michigan Fragility Clinic One Year Later  
(April 2, 2014, Plymouth, MI)
Speaker: Karen Cummings, PA-C

IOF-ISCD Skeletal Health 2014:  Secondary Fracture Prevention: Where We Are,  North American Trends in Fracture Prevention
(February 21, 2014, Orlando, FL)
Speaker: Bob Adler, MD


USBJI's 2013 Musculoskeletal Summit (November 19, 2013 - Washington, DC)
Establishment of a Fracture Liaison Service: Challenges of the Open vs. Closed System
Speaker: Laura L. Tosi, MD
What Are Best Practices for Managing Osteoporosis?
Speaker: Debra Sietsema, PhD, RN

ACR 2013 Annual Meeting: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Post Fracture Management
(October 29, 2013 - San Diego, CA)
Speakers: John T. Schousboe, MD, PhD; Daniel H. Solomon, MD, MPH; Colleen M. Watkins, MD

NAON 33rd Annual Congress: Implementing a Bone Health Program: AKA Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) 
(May 19, 2013, San Antonio, TX)
Speaker: Debra L. Sietsema, PhD, RN

NOF Interdisciplinary Symposium on Osteoporosis 2013: It's Time for Everyone to Own the Bone
(April 21, 2013, Chicago, IL)
Speaker: Andrew D. Bunta, MD

Mid-American Orthopaedic Association 31st Annual Meeting: Patients with Fragility Fractures Need More Than Just Fracture Care: Own the Bone, a Post-Fracture, Systems-Based Initiative 
(April 20, 2013, Amelia Island, FL)
Speakers: James A. Goulet, MD; Clifford B. Jones, MD; Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD

Lumbar Spine Research Society 2013 Annual Meeting: The Osteoporosis/Bone Metabolism Symposium
(April 11, 2013, Chicago, IL)
Speakers: Bob Heary, MD; Lou Jenis, MD; Andrew Bunta, MD; Paul Anderson, MD; Edward Benzel, MD
32nd Cherry Blossom Seminar: "Own the Bone":  The Management of Osteoporosis
(April 6, 2013, Rosslyn, VA)
Speaker: Laura Tosi, MD