Own the Bone Focuses on Bone Health Optimization  

In March 2018, the Own the Bone Steering Committee and Executive Committee adopted an expansion of the Own the Bone program objectives to include bone health optimization for patients at risk of complications of orthopaedic surgery due to underlying low bone mass.

"The stakes for our specialty’s reputation and future go beyond fragility fractures and secondary fracture prevention, as the consequences of unaddressed metabolic bone disease can result in surgical complications," wrote Paul A. Anderson, MD, FAOA, Own the Bone Committee Chair, in the spring issue of AOA News (full story here ). "Increasingly, the linkages between poor bone health and negative outcomes after orthopaedic surgery provide a rationale for bone health optimization, particularly for spine fusion and arthroplasty patients."

Fragility fractures account for an estimated 800,000 hospital admissions per year, and this number is rising as the population ages. Patients who have had a fragility fracture are two to six times more likely to have another fracture, making secondary fracture prevention an imperative for the delivery of quality orthopaedic care to a growing population of older adults.

"Each year in the US, there are approximately 1 million patients who undergo elective hip and knee replacement surgeries at our hands," said Dr. Anderson. "It is estimated that 50% of these patients have low bone mass, placing them at risk of complications. Diagnosis and treatment of poor bone health pre-operatively is feasible, and appears to reduce such complications. Orthopaedic surgeons who treat new fragility fractures, spine, and total joint patients play a critical role in owning our patients’ bone health, and in diagnosing and beginning medical management of patients with underlying bone fragility to improve their care and outcomes."

The AOA developed Own the Bone, a quality improvement program, to encourage orthopaedic surgeons to become involved in the bone health management and initiation of care coordination for fragility fractures. Own the Bone provides the tools and resources necessary to help institutions establish a tested and proven effective fracture liaison service. To learn more or to enroll, visit www.ownthebone.org.