This section is made accessible to Own the Bone sites who have achieved Star Performer status for the past recognition year. If you are at a Star Performer site, you will be able to view the page after logging in.

What is Star Performer Recognition?

Own the Bone enrolled hospitals and practices that achieve a 75% compliance rate with at least 5 of the 10 Own the Bone prevention measures, based on patients screened and entered into the registry during the preceding 12 month period, receive a special recognition as “Own the Bone Star Performers” in the annual recognition ad in U.S. News & World Report “Best Hospitals” Guide. Through their participation in Own the Bone and recognition as an Own the Bone Star Performer, institutions demonstrate a commitment to helping patients understand their risk for future fractures and the steps they can take to prevent them.

Do you want to become a Star Performer?

We are committed to helping your institution achieve this recognition! Please reach out to Program Coordinator, Stephanie Sofinski at for relevant information.