Patient data (de-identified) to be entered into the registry includes:

  • Demographic
  • Fracture
  • Fracture history
  • Risk factors
  • Medication use (history)
  • Medication use (duration)
  • Treatment/counseling
  • Pharmacologic treatment
  • Bone mineral density testing
  • Written communication and discharge
  • Follow up survey
Technical Components

Own the Bone uses a web-based registry. As such, users only need to have access to an Internet connection and a current browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).  There is no software to buy or install to access the registry. The AOA has contracted with nPhase, Inc. to launch a second generation version of the patient registry.  The nPhase, Inc. registry system is called REDCap Cloud.   Currently, the registry cannot be customized for individual sites. However, a site can opt not to collect certain data fields if desired as an alternative.

What Happens to Your Data?

Once your de-identified patient data is entered into the registry, REDCap Cloud stores the information on their encrypted and secure database.

System and Benchmarking Reports

The key tool of the Own the Bone Program is the patient registry. The registry allows Own the Bone hospitals and medical centers to benchmark their improvements in patient care internally as well as externally against other participating institutions nationwide.

View example system based reports here.

View example benchmarking reports here.

Through the registry, sites are given the option to easily generate customized patient education letters to be given to the patient to help them understand their fracture and outline important steps they can take to reduce future fractures. To ensure proper care coordination for patients, sites are also able to generate customized letters that can be provided to the patient’s primary care physician and/or a bone health specialist.